Less back and forth, more coming to consensus

Consensus Analysis highlights sources of disagreement so you can ask the right questions and fill in the information gaps.

consensus analysis

Visibility Settings

Customize how opinions, considerations, options, and notes are shown select individuals or groups.

Security Configurations

Require individual authentication for those decisions that are especially sensitive

Consensus Analysis

Identify sources of disagreement so you can clarify misunderstandings and fill knowledge gaps

Scenario Analysis

Manage risks and uncertainty effectively by covering your bases with multiple scenarios

Feature Control

Allow group members to see select input options and specify how scores roll up to summary conclusions

Custom Rating Methods

Use the rating method that fits your scenario, including Grid, Step, and Qualitative ratings

Optimization Problems

Manage portfolio options by specifying your budget, pricing out your options, and adding qualitative and quantitative constraints

Export Options

Export to PDF or Microsoft Excel


Allow people to express support for an option by adding a Donate button next to each option

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