"This makes it easy to see what I want"

Give the prospect control over options and considerations.

The academics call this a comparison matrix, but you can call it "no more pushy sales."

Custom Brand & Styling $1,800
face to face sales
in store sales

"It lets complex products sell themselves"

Make the pros and cons clear so you can uncover the right questions and reservations

"It automatically resets for the next customer after it sits there for a few minutes - genius"

Add a decision matrix to your website

  • Customized brand styling
  • Product or 'favorites' integration
  • Share, edit, and Option/Consideration settings
Website Integration base package $1,800
integrate jdecision to your website
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Add jdecision to your sales toolbox

Custom Branding or Website Integration Base: $1,800

Optional support: $1,800/year