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Jdecision is a free decision tool you or your team can use to weigh considerations, rate options, and visualize tradeoffs in a decision matrix. Some people call it a comparison matrix.

Some options score better than others

This Toyota Camry scores well on Price and poorly on Stylish.

adding options to a decision

Some considerations matter more than others

Change the weight for the Price consideration to make it more important.

Consideration weights factor into the Option's total score.

weighted considerations

Gather input from others

Ask someone to like an option, give feedback, or join the group with their own version of the decision

share decisions

Start a decision as a guest or log in

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create a blank decision

Blank Decision

create a house buying decision

House Buying Decision

create a hiring decision

Hiring Decision

create an election decision

Election Decision

hand drawn comparison matrix

The math checks out

Jdecision uses multi-criteria decision analysis which is simply a weighted average. Sometimes when people make decisions, they'll consider only the relative rankings across a couple factors.

In important decisions, some considerations are more important than others so we factor these weights in with your ratings when calculating the total score.

Learn how the math works

Group decisions made easy

Finally settle on a location for your family reunion or see what the public thinks about an election! You can make a free group decision and share it with anyone.

When people join your group decision for free, they'll be able to edit their own view. You can even let them add more options and considerations.

Create a blank decision
group decision summary

Embed a jdecision on your website

Embedding a pugh matrix on your website is as easy as a responsive iframe! Show your product evaluation or service offerings while letting your visitors choose what matters to them.

Pricing tables make it easy for customers to compare options.

Close more sales with jdecision

A comparison matrix can help your product sell itself! Give your online, face-to-face, and in-store customers decision criteria in a fun and readable way and let them decide what's best.

Did we mention the decisions reset themselves for the next prospect? Pretty handy!

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Try without commitment

Jdecision is free! You don't even need to login to make an unlimited number of decisions. Others can join the group decisions you make for free too.

If you're not logged in, decision will save automatically to your device. Logging in will adopt the decisions saved on the device and let you access your decisions from other devices too.

Spreadsheet import and export

You can list out hundreds of options, considerations and rankings and then easily copy/paste or import into jdecision to vote them in a colorful decision matrix.

More of a numbers person? Export any jdecision to check the math for yourself or expand on your decision criteria.

What career should I pursue?

Options Enjoyable Salary Feasible
Dentist 5 3 3
Lawyer 3 4 5
Teacher 5 2 4
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paul's profile picture
I sent the jdecision to a prospect. It worked well and now they're a client.
– Paul Allred, New York Life
eric's profile picture
I like that it's available from anywhere, no instructions needed, and can be used for very simple (lunch) decisions or complex (hiring) decisions. We learned it in just a few seconds.
– Eric Huczko, A&A Medical Group
danielle's profile picture
I liked jdecision better than the risk analysis tool my hospital tool used last year.
– Danielle Waldrop, Prince George Hospital
import places from Google maps

Import Places from Google Maps

Looking for the right restaurant or tax service? Try importing places straight from Google Maps into your jdecision.

Want to integrate with your own data type? Let's chat options. Website integration is flat-rate and starts at $1,800.